Community Service Grants – Fall 2023 

Bingo Funds

Habitat for Humanity - $5000.00 – This money will be directed to a new build for Habitat. Duplex being built for two five bedroom homes (multigenerational homes) on donated land in City of Sarnia. Emma St. April 2024. Two other Rotary clubs have contributed similar amounts.

Petrolia Refrigerator Program - $3000 – Purchase of supplies for the Community Food Bank run through St. Paul’s church. A larger number of volunteers ensure that needed items are available 24/7.

Bluewater Totes for Hope - $2000 – supplies for the Totes which are given to cancer patients when they begin their journey with treatment. 

Brain Injury Association - $2500 – Purchase of “The Mild Traumatic Brain Injury” Workbooks, Facilitator training, stickers for books with Rotary recognition.

Rotary Club Funding

Nightlight - $5000 – Training for more volunteers who are needed. Snacks for drop in space. Rental for Space in downtown accessible location. 

Mitton Village - $2500 – Volunteer run group called Mitton Village Neigbourhood Connects holds monthly events to bring community together and create a positive neighborhood and foster social inclusion. Costs for 2024 – Monthly events – food, promotions. Up 2500 will benefit in 12 months throughout 2024.

Lambton Health Unit - $2,000(specific to transportation and other barriers) Developing a committee with group of persons with lived experience, strategic planning group to provide planning input to community for addiction services.

Ecole Elementarie Les Rapides - $1000 – Contribution to pay back arrangement with the School Board for playground equipment that is available to the public outside of school hours.

Victim Services - $1582 – Purchase of home security systems for those is need due to security concerns. 

Total Donations


Brain Injury Association, Mitton Village Neighbourhood and Victim Services Sarnia
Nightlight Sarnia
Totes for Hope
Ecole Elementarie Les Rapides
Petrolia Community Refrigerator