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Important Notice: Rotary Flag Plaza Activity on Hold
Thank you for your patience in the delays for your stone installation.  We know this has been extremely frustrating for you as it has been for us.  
We had been advised by the Lambton Area Water Supply System (LAWSS) and St. Clair River Conservation Authority (SCRCA) that the stone seawall that runs the full length of the plaza needs to be rebuilt.  Our plaza is on LAWSS property.  The current seawall is deteriorating and the SCRCA advises it cannot withstand another winter season.
The work has begun and to best protect the plaza, a two-meter strip of the plaza stones that run adjacent to the walkway will be removed temporarily to accommodate the construction equipment.  The 2023 calendar year will be devoted to the reconstruction of the shoreline wall and the rebuilding of the plaza.  In the early stage of construction a number of piazza stones were damaged.  Steps are in process to produce new stones that will replace the damaged stones when the plaza is restored.
Installation of new stones would be planned after the plaza is returned to its pre-construction state; however, the installation of new stones may not take place until 2024.  Further, we have decided to put a hold on requests for new stones until the shoreline work is completed and the plaza restored and reopened to the public.
Please continue to monitor this site for plaza updates.
Thank you for your support.