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Important Notice To Rotary Flag Plaza Customers:
Thank you for your patience in the delays for your stone installation.  We know this has been extremely frustrating for you as it has been for us.  
We have a major issue.
We have been advised by the Lambton Area Water Supply System (LAWSS) and St. Clair River Conservation Authority (SCRCA) that the stone seawall that runs the full length of the plaza needs to be rebuilt.  Our plaza is on LAWSS property.  The current seawall is deteriorating and the SCRCA advises it cannot withstand another winter season.  The work is planned to commence in November of this year.
As a result, all installations of piazza and red stones are on hold until this work is completed and the plaza reopened to the public.   We are advised that the plaza will reopen in 2023.  I cannot provide a definite timeframe as to when installation of stones will recommence.  
Press releases have begun to make our community aware of the situation and plans to rectify.
Requests for the 16" square beige piazza stones have been closed.  The space currently available in the plaza has been spoken for through the requests received to date.
The plaza has ample room for the 8”x4” red bricks.  A link to our brochure can be found on the left side of this page.  Open the file and print a hard copy, then complete the required information and send with your donation to the address provided on the form.  Requests for multiple red bricks require an application for each brick; however, one donation (cheque or bank draft) can be made for the multiple requests.
A large volume of requests has been received during the past year, resulting in delays in design, production and installation of stones.  The plaza process involves a chronological batch system; and, batches are installed in the order they are received.  Earlier batches will begin to be installed in Spring 2022 and will progress as the stones are produced.  Emails will be sent when the stones are installed in the plaza.
It is estimated that donations and stone requests received at this time would be installed in the plaza in Spring 2023. We will do our best as we move forward. 
Thank you for your support.