How do I Apply?

You apply through your local Rotary Club.

Most Rotary Clubs in Central States Rotary Outbound Exchanges promote the program in local schools at either the end of the school year (May/June) or the beginning of the school year (September/October.)

For more details on the application process and any deadlines, contact our Youth Exchange Officer at

Application Forms

The preliminary application form is available to download on this site.



Remember to breathe.

The interview that you go through to be selected as a Rotary Exchange Student will probably be more intense and nerve-wracking than any interview you have been through before. However it is important to remember to "be yourself" when being intereviewed. The interview is not a test or measure of how great a person you are--instead it is meant to ensure that you are an appropriate student for Rotary Youth Exchange--and that Rotary Youth Exchange is an appropriate program for you. A year abroad is a significant commitment and a major challenge--so it very important that both YOU and ROTARY benefit from the experience.

and then what happens...?

You wait....

Sometime in January you will be informed on your country assignment. After that, you have six or seven months to get yourself ready for the experience.