Fall 2022 Funding Approvals
Our Community Services Committee has actioned the distribution of club’s funds to local community agencies.  The committee has worked hard in preparation for this fall funding activity by promoting within the community, updating the request form and establishing a rubric upon which requests were assessed, prioritized and recommended to the Board for final approval.  Available funding originated from Jackpot City Bingo proceeds, Meat Raffle proceeds supported by Village of Point Edward OLG and club-raised funds earmarked for community distribution.
Bingo funds totalled $10,000, Meat Raffle funds $5,700 and General funds $11,650.
Bingo – Jackpot City
Climate Action                                                   $1,000
Lambton County Developmental Services        $4,000
Pathways Health Centre                                    $2,000
St. Luke’s United Church                                  $3,000
Meat Raffle – Village of Point Edward OLG
Literacy Lambton                                             $2,850
River City Vineyard                                          $2,850
Club Funds
Victim Services                                                  $600
Literacy Lambton                                               $250
River City Vineyard                                          $5,000
Kelly’s Cupboard                                               $800
Children’s Health Foundation                          $3,000
Community Living Sarnia Lambton                $2,000
Climate Action
Lambton County Developmental Services
Victim Services
Literacy Lambton
River City Vineyard
Kelly's Cupboard
Children's Health Foundation