Perhaps the first question you should contemplate is “What intrigues you about Rotary?”   
And secondly “What do you want to get from being a member?”
If you explore our website, and Facebook page you can get a feel for the sort of things we do.
If that resonates with you and you want to know more, we would be delighted to tell you more. 
If you want to try us out, we would invite you to a series of meetings and activities on a no-commitment basis. After a couple of months, we will chat with you on how Rotary fits with your lifestyle, family, and work commitments and then what form of membership works best for you.
We would be happy to answer your questions and tell you more.  Go to the About Us item on the main menu and choose Contact Us to send an email to our club.
What would be your obligations ?
  • Bring your ideas and passions to help improve our club
  • Get involved and join a committee, support our events and service activities
  • Attend regular meetings
  • Time commitment a minimum of around 6-8 hours per month, but if you really want to get involved and you have the time it can be more
  • Comply with the Guiding Principles of Rotary and the Code of Conduct 
  • Support our Foundation 
  • Over time look to taking on a leadership role within the club and perhaps beyond
  • Pay dues, currently approximately $200 a year, meals are extra and are currently $10 per week